That is why we are engaged in our commercial activity with the traceability in our process.

Purchase and Sale Mechanics

It is an aggressive plan to supply raw materials in an external model for aquaculture production of shrimp from farms that use our genetics and feed with the same standards of quality, traceability and reliability, which we developed in our own operation in Camaronera de Coclé S.A.

We know that those who entrust us with their production for our marketing have a wide margin of possible success because we have the know-how to transfer a sales model that we have tested for more than 15 years, which has the quality of being able to transfer to the supplier of material premium competitive advantages in prices against traditional buyers in the region. The recognition that our brand has will allow us to transfer to the suppliers a part of the Premium Value that they pay us today, in order to interest them in maintaining the relationship with us. This is a strength to which we can all benefit and that allows us to increase the levels of commercialization of our brand, increasing its annual presence in the markets and gives us a better power to negotiate prices by volume.

We are exclusively dedicated
to the commercialization of Pacific white shrimp Penaeus vannamei  produced in aquaculture.

Traceability in CAMACO

In CAMACO we perform a detailed Traceability Control in the whole crop. Our work policy is based on the detailed selection of the best breeding specimens, an arduous work of pool soils, rigorous management of animal nutrition, strict controls of diseases and a systematized handling of the harvest, post-harvest and packing of shrimp.

Our production suppliers total about 2,500 hectares of production, in farms related to the Grupo Calesa. All this production is carried by Altrix de Panamá S.A., which is a modern packing plant with the capacity to process up to 100,000 lbs per day. It is designed to process raw shrimp exclusively in the presentations of Entero (Head On), Cola with shell (Shell On), and peeled tails in various presentations: PUD, P & D tail on, tail off, EZ peel, pinchos. Frozen in block or semi IQF.

At the moment we do not do additional processing such as breaded, marinated or cooked shrimp.

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